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McRae Metals

Since 2001, McRae Metal has been continually building its solid reputation for providing only the highest quality metal roofing materials, trim, and components. We've done this by using only #1 quality metal roof materials, not seconds, 10-year, 15 year or lower-grade materials. Our trim pieces look good and fit well.

Galvalume Substrate materials and Cool Chemistry coatings

We use only Galvalume Substrate materials instead of galvanized materials used by others. We carry the next-generation silicone-polyester Cool Chemistry systems coatings. We have the most popular colors in stock. They are engineered to give a 40-year film integrity warranty, and offer high-reflectivity in medium and dark colors to reduce the energy required for cooling, especially in hot, sunny climates. These coatings are easy to clean and care for, and have excellent stain resistance, scratch resistance, and are even able to be recoated. Coupled with a high-performance primer, this system affords salt spray and moisture resistance unexcelled in the industry. Cool Chemistry's excellent application process offers easier conversion from existing systems, and allows coaters to run at their highest-possible line speeds. These silicone-polyester coatings are ideal for all building applications that require a high-performance coating system, such as metal roofing and metal walls for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential markets.

Top Quality Screws

McRae Metal offers quality that has you covered from the top to the bottom of every construction project. Even the screws are top-rated. Our powder-coated roof screws are superior to our competitors' wet-painted fasteners. Tests have shown that our fasteners last three times longer than wet-painted screws. The corrosion resistance of powder far surpasses that of wet-paint processes by a wide margin. The powder-coated roof screws do not chalk, are formulated to maintain their color, and have an ultraviolet inhibitor that prevents fading. The powder coverage is uniformly applied to the fastener heads and washers, so its hard shell finish prevents cracking or scratching. We have been selling these types of screws with our metals for years at no extra charge. Short-life fasteners can ruin a roof in a short time.

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Established in 2001, McRae Metal is located at 511 McRae Road in Hamilton, AL. We sell metal products of practically every size, both to the general public and to private contractors. We do not install metal roofing or siding, but can refer you to a roofing contractor. We're open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Give us a call for a quote at (205) 921-2639 (office) or (205) 222-7141 (cell). We have the best prices according to the local contractors in Alabama and Mississippi! Don't forget to like us on Facebook as well!